Before Mars


Before Mars is a cooperative simulation disguised as a massive boardgame where teams of people figure out the best way to work together and finish challenging projects.

The game works great to uncover the hidden assumptions and norms that are present inside a work group or an entire organization.


The game can be played either inside a small team with minimum 3 people or with large groups at team buildings or corporate events, where we use our own online platform to run part of the game.

It can take around 2 hours to finish the simulation and debriefing the experience, drawing conclusions and action steps can take an additional 90 minutes.

Learning points

The simulation centers around two key concepts: cooperation and change.

While cooperation deals with people’s abilities and desire to work together to accomplish a meaningful task, change challenges the group to fix problems, be flexible, take the right decisions and focus on the right things.

We can pair the game with a self assessment instrument to learn some more about group dynamics.

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