BRAINIUP | We have made Time Management sexy again


Brain management training - based on actual science

In an ever demanding business world, organizations that invest in helping their people work more efficiently and become less stressed are those that thrive.

The science of the brain has made tremendous progress in the last decade and Brainiup shares the newest information in a fun and easily digestible way.

Going through the program, participants will learn how to help their brain deal with:

  • Overwhelming complexity
  • Multitasking
  • Performing under stress
  • Solving apparently impossible problems
  • Strong emotions and anxiety
  • Focus when necessary
  • Uncertainty and change
  • Difficult decisions
  • Workplace relationship

The Game

4-8 hours of training on specific topics for up to 18 people

The Topics

There are 8 topics for Brainiup Game to play with, ranging from Leadership to Stress Management

The Outcome

A fun, engaging and pragmatic learning experience based on actual science

How does Brainiup make all this science relevant for you?

Employees will learn how to increase efficiency at work and avoid work burnout. Managers will be able to delegate better and deal successfully with simultaneous projects Those in leadership positions will understand how to create a working environment that makes employees feel satisfied. They will be better equipped to allocate attention and resources to daily tasks and will see the collaborative relationships with peers in a new light.

If you feel a bit geekish (like we do most of the time), here is a list of books that can help bring you up to speed with what has been going on lately in the field of brain and mind research:

  • Your Brain at Work, David Rock
  • The Upside of Stress, Kelly MacGonigal
  • Brain Rules, John Medina
  • How the Mind Works, Steven Pinker
  • We Are Our Brains, Dick Swaab
  • The Brain That Changes Itself, Norman Doidge
  • Mindset, Carol Dweck
  • Thinking Fast & Slow, Daniel Kahneman
  • Flourish, Martin Seligman
  • The Organized Mind, Daniel Levitin
  • Mindware, Richard Nisbett
  • The Idiot Brain, Dean Burnett
  • The Domesticated Brain, Bruce Hood


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