A space for play

Game based people development.

Easily available in Europe, Middle East, and Australia,
but we travel wherever people need us.

A space for


Team development that is fun and memorable, but with learning and analytics in mind.


A space for


Training and development programs, based on games, simulations & gamification.


A space for


Open courses for professionals on topics that make sense in the year 2020


A space for


Licensing options for some of our learning games available around the globe.


Playful companies

Here are some of the companies that have played our games somewhere around the world.

The team

Our strategic partnerships allow us to facilitate learning experiences for any type of group.
Robert Blaga

Managing Partner Brainiup

Rob Day

Managing Director Turnaround

Andrew Grant

Managing Partner Tirian

Luiza Dăncescu

Training, Facilitation & Consulting

Mihail Mușat

Training, Facilitation & Consulting

Dave Bradley

Training, Facilitation & Consulting

Paul Dumitru

Visual facilitation and graphic recording

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